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Vehicle Specification

Dimensions and Weight

Overall width 1836mm
Overall length 3952mm
Height 1110mm
Wheelbase 2565mm
Ground clearance 100 mm (f) 110 mm (r)
Weight 580kg*
Power to weight 525 bhp per tonne
Weight distribution 48% (f) / 52% (r)

* Dry weight and subject to options


Maximum speed 170 mph
0-60 mph 2.8 secs

Vehicle Construction

Body type Ultra - lightweight carbon fibre / foam sandwich
Safety cell TIG welded cold drawn seamless tube
RACMSA & FIA compliant ROPS
Carbon fibre crash box
Side impact structure
Aero BAC / FKFS – developed & tested low drag aero package


Type Normally aspirated, structurally mounted
Displacement 2488 cc
Configuration 4 cylinder, in-line
Valve train: VVT
Bore x stroke 89 mm x 100 mm
Maximum power 305 bhp
Maximum torque 308 Nm
Construction Forged connecting rods and forged Cosworth pistons
Lubrication system Dry sump with internal scavenge pump
Camshafts Performance inlet and exhaust camshafts and uprated valve springs
Induction system Gas flowed cylinder head with roller barrel port throttles
Intake system BAC / ITG aero optimized carbon inlet, remote filtration system and carbon airbox
Exhaust BAC developed 4 into 2 into 1 stainless steel exhaust manifold and centrally mounted exhaust system
Engine management: Specialised Components Delta 800
Safety: Master Kill Switch
Clutch: AP Racing

Fuel System

Construction Custom alloy fabrication with internal baffles and collector system
Capacity 35 litres
Fuel pump ATL in tank high pressure fuel pump, with two stage filtration
Filler Lockable billet aluminium filler cap

Gearbox & Driveline

Model Hewland FTR, fully stressed with integral engine oil tank
Type 6 speed sequential
Differential Powerflow LSD
Lubrication Splash
Ratios Final drive 9:31
1st = 12:38
2nd = 14:33
3rd = 15:27
4th = 17:25
5th = 21:26
6th = 19:21
Gear selection Shiftec electronic/pneumatic semi-automatic closed loop system operated via steering wheel mounted paddles
GCU Shiftec / Gems
Driveshafts GKN / BAC developed, low friction

Lubrication / Fluids

Type Motul developed 15W50, fully synthetic engine oil
Motul developed 300 LS 75W90 gearbox oil
Motul developed RBF 600?brake & clutch
Motul developed Inugel Optimal coolant


Type Front: Adjustable pushrod activated twin wishbone system with needle roller bearing mounted bell cranks, rising rate, optimized camber change and roll centre position, full Ackermann geometry, shim adjustable camber

Rear: Gearbox mounted, adjustable pushrod activated twin wishbone system with needle roller bearing mounted bell cranks, rising rate, optimized camber change and roll centre position, shim adjustable camber

Wishbones TIG welded seamless CFS3 steel aero tube twin wishbone
Uprights Ultra light, billet aluminium uprights front and rear
Dampers Two way adjustable Sachs racing RDS - 36 formula system**
Springs Race spec Eibach 280lb front and 325lb rear
Rising rate jounce rubbers
Anti-roll bars Adjustable front and rear torsion bar

** available as an option


Calipers AP Racing, Formula Car caliper - radial 4 piston (F & R)
Discs AP Racing, 295mm ventilated discs, crossed drilled, billet machined mounting bells (F & R)
Master cylinders AP Racing pedal box mounted, differential bore, dual circuit
Pedal box BAC designed and developed, adjustable, billet, floor mounted pedal box with ball bearing mounted billet pedals

Wheels and Tyres

Wheels (f) O.Z. Racing / BAC developed HRT alloy 7.5j x 17in
Wheels (r) O.Z. Racing / BAC developed HRT alloy 8.5j x 17in
Tyres (f) Kumho / BAC developed V70a 205/40 R17
Tyres (r) Kumho / BAC developed V70a 245/40 R17


Quick-lift Jack
Remote Battery Charge Socket
Towing Eyes


Seat Tillett / BAC developed fixed position carbon fibre
Trim "Extreme" waterproof leather, Microcare MC waterproof "suede"
Steering wheel BAC developed 290mm diameter billet aluminium
GEMS LDS4 colour display system
16 pin quick release steering boss
Touch sensitive starter button
Seat belts Willans safety restraint system, FIA compliant

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